Thank You for your interest in joining our fine and respected organization. Our
reputation has been built by our members on their honesty, dedication, caring
and thoughtfulness of people and their property. Our goal is to provide the
Community with the best medical and fire protection possible. This goal can
only be achieved by the dedication of every member in our department to be the
best he or she can be at providing emergency services.

Any person who is 18 or older is eligible to join the Department as a Full
member. People who are 16-17 can join as a Junior Active Member or a Junior
Firefighter. People 14-17 can join as Junior firefighters.

In order for our younger members to be eligible to participate in state offered
classes and be covered by insurance the person has to be a member of the Fire
Department. This lead the department to create the Junior Active Membership

Please click on application link below, print the form, and take the time to
carefully read and complete the application to the best of your knowledge.

After completing the Active Junior Application please return to the Fire

After completing the Full membership application, please return it with a check
for $10.00 to the Chief or Secretary by mailing it to: (The $10 is refundable if for
some reason you are denied membership)

Kendall Fire Dept.
P.O. Box 387
Kendall, NY 14476

After receiving your application it will be reviewed for completeness and then
brought up at the next monthly meeting of the Department. You will then be
contacted for an interview. After your interview, your application will be voted
upon at the next monthly meeting.
Full member Application
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Active Junior Application