This page is dedicated to all of our members who are no
longer here to answer the page for help with us.
May they never be forgotten
"Your family becomes ours: and ours becomes yours. In
our breed, you will experience our, often strange sense of
humor, and you'll develop pride. Not boastful, bragging,
cocky pride: rather an inner pride known only by those
who have worn the gear. You will develop a respect for
your coworkers across the nation, and their job that exists
in no other profession. It is often said that firefighting gets
in your blood. That,s not true. It gets in your heart."
                                                                                                      Chief Moorhead
                                                                                    Loral, Ohio Fire Department
Firefighters's Prayer

When I'm called to duty God
wherever flames may rage
Give me the strength to save
some life Whatever be it's age

Help me embrace a little child
Before its too late
Or save an older person from
The horror of that fate

Enable me to be alert and Hear
the weakest shout
And quickly and efficiently To
put the fire out

I want to fill my calling and To
give the best in me
To guard my every neighbor
And protect their property

And if according to your will I
have to lose my life
Bless with your Protecting
My children and my wife

On January 9th, 2001 the Buongiorne family and the Kendall Fire
Department lost Rick Buongiorne in the line of duty. The scar of his
supreme sacrifice left upon each and every members heart shall never
be forgotten. Our prayers continue to go out to his family along with our
thanks for his service to our community.  
Saint Florian
Patron Saint
of FireFighters
Harry Payne
Herbert Parker
Harry Brown
Edward Luckus
Judgeson Merrill
Elmer Klimer
William Mayes
Ernest Hall
Frank Whitehouse
Pearl Hall
William Jenkins
Frederick Curtis
Lewis Parker
William Owen
George Henry
Frank Ritz
William Buckmann
Ward Hindman
Dr. Gilbert Forbes
Joseph Wright
William Harradine
William Owens
Duglas Moody
Frederick Mann
Frederick Crowell
Elmer Crego
George Schultz
Floyd Cater
Richard Balk
William Rushbrook
William Crandall
Oscar Ladue
Evert Robinson
William Behnke
Oscar Lind
Marshall Russel
Larson Anderson
Arthur Johnston
Eugene Newton
Oliver Hart
Roy Mulford
Robert Spillman
L.D. Preston
Richard Drennan
Edward Behnker
Samuel Binder
Watson Hardenbrook
Manford Gare
William Haight
Ruben Schultz
Harold Osborne
Albert Hetzke
Albert Bull
Gilbert Jurs
Luther Drennan
William Holwedel
Charles Nunnery
Kirk Rowley
Albert Juhrs
William Vick
Edward Behrens
Edward Armsden
Edward Jurs
Harold Hinman
Harley Gauvreau
Leon Shaw
Harold Leininger
Leonard Jewsbury
William Hardenbrook
Robert Marsielje Sr.
Joseph Herman
Carl Heise
Carl Shaw
Ernie Henderson
Fransis Goodwin
Walter Juhrs
Florris Cady
Kenneth Hall
Charles Klick
Horace Crawford
Edward Stein
Alex Korn
Gorden Lofthouse
Paul Behnke Sr.
Thomas Wison Sr.
Lewis Mikels
Patt Tomaschke
Charles Snell
Lyle Drennan
Larry Henderson
Burton Hardenbrook
Carl Schridde
Jack Tomasino
Paul H. Behnke Jr.
Frederick Vick
Platt Preston
Robert Simpson
Lewis Dusett
Kenneth Cliff
Wilmer Klick
William Frobel
Rupert Bryant
Burley Hart
Herbert Cliff
Frank Klick
Carl Yanneck
Walter Reamer
Jack Drennan
Thomas Tomasino
Clement Ehman
Karl Knobloch
James Rowley
Neil Soules
Marshall Mayes
William Buell
Clyde Furness
Ernest Meiers
Kenneth Snell
Howard Sedore
Warren Wilson
Dick Lardner
H. D. Cliff
George Hanken
Richard Wilson
George Young
Victor Jurhs
Richard Buongiorne
Robert Taylor
Merle Butler
John Compton
Gordon Mael
Brian Caffery
George Herring
Lorne Day
Wally Gekoski
Scott Hardenbrook
William Vick
Robert Wilson, Sr.
Melvin Schultz
Everett Juhrs
Edward Barrett