TFT Blitzfire Nozzle
Wireless remote TFT
Hurricane Deckgun
15kw Onan Hyd. generator
6000watt 15' Wilburt light tower
Honda 1000watt
& 2000watt
PAC Tool Mounts
Whelen PSTank LED
tank level indicator
8 man air cond.
E-One Typhoon Cab
w/12" Vista raised
Asst Chief Doug Jones, Orleans County
Legislator Lynne Johnson, Chief Mike Kludt,
Senator George Maziarz, Committee
Chairman Rick Seaman, Assemblyman
Stephen Hawley, Congresswoman Louis
Slaughter's Representative Jeff Sheridan.
The Kendall Fire department and district is proud to announce the arrival of our new E-One Recue Pumper. A reception was held  
Saturday morning, August 23. Among the folks who turn out for the short parade with the two trucks it is replacing was a
representative from Congresswoman Louis Slaughters office, Senator Maziarz, Assemblyman Hawley, and Orleans County Legislator
Lynne Johnson.

In an effort to increase efficiency and financial responsibility we replaced two aging pieces of apparatus (a rescue-32 years old and a
pumper- 27 years old) with this one dual role truck that actually improves our efficiency instead of hindering it which is a win-win
scenario for our tax payers, our community, and our firefighters. Through hours of hard work our department also secured, through
the Department of Homeland Security, an Assistance to Firefighters Grant in the sum of $249,850 to be used towards the purchase
of this truck. In October, you, our community, voted favorably to allow us to proceed with this project and to spend the $475,000  it
was estimated to cost including the $249,850 grant monies.

The cost of replacing both trucks individually would have been $655,000.

The final cost of this truck was                                         $473,879.
Minus the grant monies secured                                      
Final cost to our tax payers                                              $224,029.

This $224,029 cost is far less than the cost of replacing just one truck

We would like to thank our community for their support, not only in this project, but through your continued support of our fund
raisers and in showing your confidence in us by allowing us to protect your family and property for the past 96 years.
Play video of new truck arrival on 8/23/08
Video courtesy of Mike and Sharen Custer
Doug Jones : Co-Grant Author
Allan Smith : Colden Entprs. Salesman
Rick Seaman : Co-Grant Author/
            Committee Chrmn
Stephen Hawley
Jeff Sheridan
Representative from
Congresswomen Louis Slaughters Office
Assemblyman Stephen Hawley
Senator George maziarz